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Saturday, October 27, 2007

War Zone

In 1998, Maggie Hadleigh-West took a video camera to aim at her harassers and created the film War Zone. I am glad to have these pitful losers know what it feels like to have the spotlight on them for once.

In the same token, it is nearly impossible to catch these men completely in the act with a visible camera (a few men did get caught making kissing noises, whistling, and one was even jacking off). Some are going to show off for the cameras (with the lame idea that they're getting fifteen minutes of fame) or will try to save face. The only way to truly catch them in the act is with a hidden camera, but that's not gonna happen because the harassers would call that a violation of their rights.

Anyway, watch a bunch of harassers get embarrassed.

Edited to add:

Here's another clip from War Zone, with different men involved (the second guy tries to explain why he harasses, but digs himself into a bigger hole), and Hadleigh-West's boyfriend is shown at the end, who gives her hope that there are good men out there who care about women's safety and rights.

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DefendThyself said...

These creeps need to be filmed, and if they are in public, you are not violating anyones rights. They are in public and fair game for filming. I would pick up a hidden camera, and they come in all shapes & sizes. The baseball hat, the button camera that replaces a coat button, or the backpack camera, that will film what they do with your back turned. Protect yourselves ladies...

Christopher Winkler
Provider of Spy & Surveillance Equipment