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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ja'Makin Me Crazy

My forms class for martial arts is later in the evening, and by the time I get back to my neighborhood it's at least a 20 minute wait for the bus---maybe more, because we know WMATA never runs on time. I'd rather take the quick ten minute walk than wait lord knows how long for a bus that may or may not come in a desolate Metro station.

So on my way home, this fool with a Jamaican accent tries to ask me for money. I said "I don't have what you're asking for, and I don't want what you're trying to offer me. It's late...leave me alone." And you know I'm not normally that polite. This fool went from sweettalking to cursing me out, calling me "bitch," and telling me "ya know you want it!"

By the time I pulled out my cell phone, this fool had dashed across the street, trying to bother more people. I wish I had my actual camera so I could've zoomed in and gotten a better shot of his raggedy self.

If the bus ran more frequently late at night then I wouldn't have to put up with this mess. And it sucks, because the neighborhood is usually pretty nice.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Repeat Offender

Man, I shake my head at the idiocy of some men I deal with.

Yesterday, I left my job to grab a snack. This delivery guy was unloading stuff out of his truck.

"Hey, baby," he says.
"'Hey, baby'?!" I say, in indignation. "I don't know you like that!"

He tries to correct himself but too little, too late. I ignore his "hellos" and go about my business.

Today, the same delivery guy, this time with a friend, continues to try to talk to me. I thought I had given him an education lesson yesterday...he just doesn't seem to get it. He gets bolder by stopping his dolly in front of me and blocking my path, forcing me to look at him when he says 'hello.' I don't play that game. I rolled my eyes, side-stepped him, and continued on my way. I hear "that's the girl I was telling you about." And fool still tries to "holla" at me.

The fact that he said "that's the girl I was telling you about" makes me think that this guy is too occupied with the thought of me. Why these dried-up, middle-aged fools think they have a chance in HELL of hooking up with someone my age is beyond me. Let him try to block my way again...I'll take down his truck information and make sure his ass is out of a job.

I tell you, that man must be very insecure in himself if he feels he needs to do crap like that. All men that bother women on the streets are insecure.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Street harassment come to a standstill or people aren't talking?

My inbox has been dead for a little while, and I hope the reason no one's telling stories is because street harassment has stopped. I doubt it's stopped, but I'd be elated if it did.

Nothing's really happened to me lately. I've been going about my day incident-free so far, and I hope to keep it that way.

If something has happened to you, however, the title of this blog says it all!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Convention Center Butt-Smacker

Here's reader Danielle's story:

Yesterday I was walking down the street, coming from lunch, on my back
to my office. As I was walking down 11th St (near the convention
center), a young male rode by on a bike. As he
passed me, he smacked my butt. At first, I wasn't sure if it was an
accident or not, but then saw his friend ride by behind him laughing.
I couldn't even think fast enough to say anything! I was complete
shock. Are there women out there who are teaching their sons that
this is appropriate behavior???! I wish I had a stick or something to
throw in the spokes of his wheels.....

I don't think women are teaching these kids to behave like that...I think these kids have NO positive role models in their lives to teach them right from wrong, and they pick up "life lessons" from the streets, TV, and their no better off friends. More adults need to get involved in these kids' lives before they end up adult offenders doing even worse.

I encourage you all to speak up more if you can! Even a simple "no!" can work. Reclaim your power and do not let these losers on the street take it away from you! Be strong...stay strong.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Noted blog

Thank you Kate at A Cat and Twenty for mentioning this blog on your blog!

Continue to spread the word!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Can't walk down the street without being leered at

This comes from reader Sarah:

I had a couple of mild cases of harassment this weekend, nothing out of the ordinary except that for the first time ever, I did something other than glare at the offender. Normally I get harassed when I'm walking, and the last thing I want to do is slow down and go back to confront the asshole. But this time, I was waiting to cross a street near Dupont Circle, and a truck slowed down and then stopped in the intersection (he had a green light, so he should have been going, but there were no other cars around to honk at him). The middle-aged man in the passenger seat leaned out his window and just leered at me. I looked the other way and pretended not to notice them, but when they didn't leave, I turned around and gave him the finger. The truck lurched forward, as if the driver had been startled (good!), and then stopped again. The passenger tried to explain, "hey, no, no, I was just admiring your beauty." I just shook my head and looked away, and they drove off.

Maybe he really did mean no harm. He seemed surprised by my reaction. But I should be able to walk around on a beautiful day without being turned into an object for someone else's enjoyment. I love people-watching, and of course I admire attractive people, but my god, I don't STARE at them. This seems like common sense to me.

There are better ways to "admire someone's beauty" without leering at them and making them feel uncomfortable. These people really need to learn that.

Note: On my original blog, I was questioning whether or not making this blog was a good idea. I'm going through a process in my life where I'm trying to be a better and happier person, and avoid negativity as much as possible. Since starting the anti-street harassment blog I feel I've gotten a lot of support, but have encountered dumb-ass idiots and their gratuitous "who cares?" and "I would've laughed at you too!" comments. That's not only counterproductive to me and my self-progress, that's counterproductive to the mission of this blog. You can feel free to disagree all you want with what I or anyone else has to say (and if I didn't believe in "freedom of speech," DC Idiot---I mean, DC Lifecoach's post wouldn't have been allowed), but be an adult about it and show some maturity.

Carry on!