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Friday, March 30, 2007

Another response and noted blog


I appreciate the positive messages you keep sending my way, and the courage you have to tell your stories about dealing with street harassment.

MissUnderestimated has linked to my blog, and Danielle submitted a story:

SO HAPPY to read about your blog on DCist!

Street harassment is out of control here in DC. It’s worse here than any city in any country I’ve even been to. Without fail, I am harassed every time I leave the house without my boyfriend. Every time. Once I was leaving work (restaurant on 18th street) and a guy in a delivery truck was honking and licking his lips at me. After a long day of waiting tables, I had very little patience for this and gave him the middle finger. As I was crossing Columbia Road a few minutes later, I saw that he had (probably) followed me and was honking and yelling at me. He practically stopped traffic to slow his van down to continue harassing me! It’s unbelievable.

I could go on forever with specific examples… I am uncomfortable walking the streets of this city at any hour of the day. It truly is one of the reasons that I want to move somewhere else! All of my girlfriends have similar stories.

Let your blog be just the beginning… I went to a workshop on street harassment years ago and learned a lot. Please keep writing and encouraging others to speak up! Contact newspapers and the media about your blog and your cause!

(I already feel better just from writing you – thanks!)

I will definitely keep fighting until street harassment comes to a screeching halt...thanks for your story.

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