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Monday, March 26, 2007

Not so tough with a camera on ya, eh?

This is not from DC, but any incident of street harassment needs to be put out there.

A girl talks about how these men at a construction site would hit on her as she'd walk by, so the next time she passed them by she came prepared with a camcorder. These idiots surely weren't gonna catcall her on camera, so they tried to save face.

Give up, losers. We all know you're guilty.

The video of her confrontation here.

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Jess said...

When passing a construction site by my DC home a few years ago men cat called me. I immediately took out my cell phone and called the Company's number that was proudly displayed on van's and posters on the chain link fence. I told the person on the line that I was being harrassed by the men on the site. Witin a few mins on the phone, the site manager was called and I watched those men be warned by their manager. Felt real good. I've done this a few more times when on city streets with trucks rolling by. Further, if it's direct confrontation I've asked how we they feel about someone doing this to their mother/wife/sister. In many cases it's been well recieved. Many men aren't used to being confronted at all. Thanks so much for this website, my stomach lurches with every catcall, that hopeless feeling of 'it's 8 in the morning and I'm on my way to work and you're language makes me ill'.