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Friday, August 17, 2007

Big Trouble

BeautyInBaltimore sent me this YouTube video.

It looks like the guy is making cracks at the woman for being heavyset, and she gets back in his face yelling back. Then her friend joins in, and it looks like the first woman gives the first hit. They attack the man and a third woman runs in.

I hope that if you get harassed on the street that it never escalates to this level. And from someone who's taking martial arts, only attack to defend yourself---don't make the first blow. You're only putting yourself in a more sketchy situation if you strike first. You want the perpetrator to be the one getting punished---not you.


BeautyinBaltimore said...

I'm happy that the women were not taken in by the police. He had no right to verbally assault the lady in black. Although violence is never the answer(Iraq anyone), I bet that guy thinks twice before opening his mouth to verbally assualt another woman again.

Tasha said...

It really is a shame that it came to blows that way. It's a good thing that the women weren't taken in, but they wouldn't have been charged, because it was an act of self defense. A lot of people don't realize that verbal harassment can have the same repercussions as physical harassment. Anyway, beautyinbaltimore is so right...I bet he does think twice or three times about harassing another woman on the street.