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Friday, August 31, 2007

Fishin' to Holla

This clown's post is in front of the Whole Foods on P Street. He sits in front of it holding a long rod with a plastic Starbucks cup tied to it begging for money. With most passers-by he simply shakes the cup begging for money. But when I walk by he "hollas" at me. "Hey, sexy," "hey, beautiful." Yuck. I don't need to be hit on by some man old enough to be my father who's bumming on the street.

When I went to Whole Foods last week it was my first (and second, since I had to walk past him when exiting the store) encounter with him. I told him "man, stop hitting on me when I walk by you!" Since I had to go back to return some nasty juice, he was there again and did not seem to get the hint from last week.

I snapped his photo and told him that his face would be all over the 'Net because he doesn't know how to leave women alone. He just doesn't seem to get it or care.

"You have a nice weekend, too!" he said, cutting me off when I told him he needed to quit his nonsense. I guess it will be since more people will know how much of a clown he is.

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