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Friday, September 14, 2007

Smoothly Putting A Loser In His Place

Blogger Smart Tart did a write-up on how she calmly put a harasser in his place.

It is not easy for me to say "stop harassing women" in a cool way. The men I encounter are loud, foul and obnoxious, and I find I have to get loud back. A lot of people say because I'm smaller the men won't take me seriously, and the only way they'll hear me is by getting loud.

There's no easy way or right or wrong answer in terms of handling harassment. The calm approach sometimes works, the loud approach sometimes works. Sometimes neither do. If I knew the panacea to this harassment problem, then I could close this blog. But until the time comes when this behavior is no longer acceptable or okay in our society, then it'll stay open and I'll keep searching for answers.

1 comment:

lizzie said...

the loud approach has definitely worked. yesterday, while taking the bus home, this girl was getting harassed by a couple of older guys in the back of the bus (in case you were wondering why she didn't just walk away, the bus was packed). and then she started yelling, "leave me alone. i don't like you and i don't want to get to know you better." yeah, that shut 'em up really quick.

and i was proud of that girl for standing up for herself. she couldn't have been older than 15.