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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hateful Loser of the Month

I don't mind comments that disagree with my views or anyone else's views on this blog, as long as you do so with tact and class. This, however, I don't like:

In response to a post from a few months ago called "Fed Ex Delivers Hollas," a blogger named Royalemonte left this message (not edited for spelling or grammar):

sounds like you had it coming. you sound like a real bitch. if thedriver had known he probably would have killed himself as opposed totalk to you. way to probably get him fired, whilest you were probablydressed like a whore anyway if he 'holla'ed at you

And Royalemonte, you sound like a real asshole. Take your hateful and illegible comments somewhere else. You my dear, like Michael before, are this month's "Loser Response of the Month."

Royalemonte came here with a Google search of "where the fuck is the fed ex guy?" (don't ask, people) and I have his IP address logged. If he comes back here for more trouble, he'll be reported to his Net provider.

Why do these people even bother? All they're asking for is to be ridiculed here.


Michael J. West said...

I'm interested to know how you probably got him fired. When I read that, I thought, "Oh, this must be one of those guys she took a picture of" and refreshed my memory. But you barely even described him, except to call him "greasy-looking."

Not to disparage FedEx employees, but I'm fairly confident that the dude you called out wasn't the only greasy-looking guy down there. I suspect his job is probably safe.

Golden Silence said...

"I'm interested to know how you probably got him fired."

No one got anyone fired. That troll was just instigating drama on here.

I don't know who Royalemonte was talking about: myself or the person who had contributed a Fed Ex holla story as well. Either way, I don't appreciate him coming here calling us "bitches." From his random search I think he's just a bored kid with nothing going on in his life and needed to entertain himself.

As I said, if he tries to come back stirring up drama, I'll report him to his ISP.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

Royalemonte came here with a Google search of "where the fuck is the fed ex guy?"

I can't help it, lol, some very crazy people are online.