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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Assault on the Red Line---Three Years Ago

In one of the DCist articles I was reading about crime and violent teens on Metro, I came across a link to this blog post. It may be three years old, but what is described in this story hit a nerve with me. A young woman trying to commute on the Red Line was assaulted by a rowdy group of teenage girls near Van Ness Station and had her iPod stolen. Try as she did to contact transit police and keep tabs on these girls to make sure they didn't get away, tney did indeed get away. [Note: From what I gathered from other posts on that blog, one of them was eventually caught (link). There is justice in this world after all.]

But what makes me irate is that nothing much has been done to curb crime on Metro since '05. You'd think they'd up their security on Metrobus and Rail, but nothing doing. Granted, I heard from someone on my community list serv that they're installing plexiglass a safety shield to protect the drivers. When Metro decides to do something to make it safer for its riders as well, then let me know. We pay too much money to worry for our safety while getting around.

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