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Don't Be Silent DC has been inactive since March 2008 and has not been accepting entries since. If you are in the DC area and have a harassment story to share, please go to HollaBack DC. If you are outside the DC area and want to submit your story, go to Stop Street Harassment. Thank you.

As of 3/1/08, I will no longer be working on this blog. Please read this post for more details.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

DBS Notes and Changes

  • After last week's craziness, I'm turning the comments off for the time being (a la most HollaBack sites). Long story short, I let idiots and hecklers get to me and got carried away. People online get a sense of power out of being anonymous, and they abuse that power by leaving rude and counterproductive comments. (You can still send e-mails that are positive or constructive criticisms, but if it's rude and hateful it's getting trashed.)

  • (Start rant) In the same vein as the previous note, there have been a lot of bloggers who are either ending their Blogs or removing posts. The instigators are making it a nuisance to blog! I did remove posts from here because too much attention was being drawn to them. One commenter got carried away and started posting links to here on her blog and was dismissive with her "who cares? Ignore it!" attitude. (I won't link to it like I did last time.) These blog commenters think that people who have blogs write them with that specific person in mind. For example, Jane reads my blog. It gets linked to DC Blogs. Said post gets open to scrutiny, I use my power of personal choice to have it removed. Instead of accepting this decision, Jane and others get upset, as if I took candy from a baby. What I don't understand is this: It's my damn blog. Whatever I want published gets published. Whatever doesn't doesn't. I have every right to change my mind and have something removed. So why the hell are people getting upset about that? If you live your life waiting for new posts on people's blogs, then you're not truly living life. If people want to remove their blogs or posts, let them. Respect their decisions, move on, and please find something better to do with yourselves. (End rant)

  • I want to bring in team members for DBS, since I don't want all the burden put on me. If you're a DC resident (proper or Metro-area), deal with harassment or witness it in your community, and feel you have something to contribute to DBS, then send a brief e-mail message explaining why you want to be a DBS team member. I definitely want DBS to have a different voice and meaning to it. One point of view is not enough.

  • I'm just getting over the flu and still have to do a write-up on Martha Langelan's workshop last Thursday. When I get the chance I will do so. It was a great workshop and I learned a lot of tactics to combat street harassment, bullying, and physical violence.

All that said, I hope to see changes in how DBS is for 2008. I want this to be a more informative, constructive and worthwhile blog.