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Friday, February 8, 2008

Who is the HR representative for UPS?

Because they keep hiring the same no good, no class-having men to work for them!

I was walking down P Street at about quarter to 6 this evening, and out of a UPS truck I heard "Guuuuuuuuuuurl, you look cute!" Tacky, unprofessional and crude. Drive-by hollas leave me on edge because they happen in a split second and catch me off-guard. It was hard to stay calm because it came out of nowhere. It made me uncomfortable and put me on the spot. I ended up yelling "I'm going to report you! That is ignorant and unprofessional!" but what good would that do when I 1) wasn't close enough to get his license plate number 2) couldn't even see his face. It bothers me that being in uniform and driving the UPS truck aren't deterrents to prevent these men from harassing women on the streets. Apparently UPS doesn't care about who they hire, as long as those trifling fools show up to get paid.

Closer to Dupont Circle, I had a harasser who I could see this time. This fat, disheveled man sitting at a bench kept whistling like a wolf at me. Nasty!

I walked up to him and said "I do not like it when you whistle at me. It creeps me out. From now on, if you want to get my attention or any other woman's attention, you say 'hello.' Stop harassing women."
"Hawh?!" he said, looking like an idiot.
"You heard me, stop harassing women," I repeated.
He obviously has mental problems because he resumed whistling at me. He's lucky it was me and not someone else dealing with him, because I'm sure someone bigger would've punched that man out.

Another day of defeat in the world of a harassment recipient. :-(