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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Convention Center Butt-Smacker

Here's reader Danielle's story:

Yesterday I was walking down the street, coming from lunch, on my back
to my office. As I was walking down 11th St (near the convention
center), a young male rode by on a bike. As he
passed me, he smacked my butt. At first, I wasn't sure if it was an
accident or not, but then saw his friend ride by behind him laughing.
I couldn't even think fast enough to say anything! I was complete
shock. Are there women out there who are teaching their sons that
this is appropriate behavior???! I wish I had a stick or something to
throw in the spokes of his wheels.....

I don't think women are teaching these kids to behave like that...I think these kids have NO positive role models in their lives to teach them right from wrong, and they pick up "life lessons" from the streets, TV, and their no better off friends. More adults need to get involved in these kids' lives before they end up adult offenders doing even worse.

I encourage you all to speak up more if you can! Even a simple "no!" can work. Reclaim your power and do not let these losers on the street take it away from you! Be strong...stay strong.

1 comment:

jessabean said...

WTF that is awful! And people actually say women are overreacting when they have to deal with shit like that on the streets? No one should put up with being violated that way.