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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Repeat Offender

Man, I shake my head at the idiocy of some men I deal with.

Yesterday, I left my job to grab a snack. This delivery guy was unloading stuff out of his truck.

"Hey, baby," he says.
"'Hey, baby'?!" I say, in indignation. "I don't know you like that!"

He tries to correct himself but too little, too late. I ignore his "hellos" and go about my business.

Today, the same delivery guy, this time with a friend, continues to try to talk to me. I thought I had given him an education lesson yesterday...he just doesn't seem to get it. He gets bolder by stopping his dolly in front of me and blocking my path, forcing me to look at him when he says 'hello.' I don't play that game. I rolled my eyes, side-stepped him, and continued on my way. I hear "that's the girl I was telling you about." And fool still tries to "holla" at me.

The fact that he said "that's the girl I was telling you about" makes me think that this guy is too occupied with the thought of me. Why these dried-up, middle-aged fools think they have a chance in HELL of hooking up with someone my age is beyond me. Let him try to block my way again...I'll take down his truck information and make sure his ass is out of a job.

I tell you, that man must be very insecure in himself if he feels he needs to do crap like that. All men that bother women on the streets are insecure.


qtdiary said...

OMG! He tried to say hello to you? Who does he think he is? I'll be glad when those people in the service industry learn their place.

Golden Silence said...

No...he referred to me as "hey, baby" and I do not respond to that. I don't care if he corrected himself because he was doing the same thing the next day and tried to physically block me with a dolly.

So no, it wasn't him just saying "hello."

Yes, though I don't agree with these comments, I post them's fair. However, I just don't know where you people come from with your bullshit, but it needs to stop.