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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Does street harassment happen more often in certain neighborhoods?

Prince of Petworth linked DBS to his blog and asked if people have been recipients of street harassment in Petworth.

I'd like to open the question in a broader sense: do you think street harassment happens more often in specific neighborhoods, and if so, why?


Tasha said...

I think it does tend to happen in higher-crime neighborhoods and maybe also neighborhoods with higher concentrations of minorities. I hate to think that, but that has been my experience.

I think it might have to do with the pathology of the people in that type of environment. I don't want to get too deep, but honestly if you think about the images perpetuated in that type of environment (think video hoe, etc etc. And no, the 'hood' isn't the only place those images are standard, but work with me) then giving that type of harassment makes sense. When you essentially get taught that women enjoy that kind of treatment, that's what you will give them. I could be way off with that, but again I'm just going from my own experience.

Ray said...

I actually know for a fact that it does, although like many other Social Theories they have deviant cases strapped to them.

It is a sad fact but none the less it is ture. As certain neighborhoods are labeled (through the social labeling theory) as being more so unstable and filled with urban decay and blight.

Throughout my major and career thus far, I have wittnessed that type of behavior, and got lucky enough to even be a victim of it from time to time. Here in Minneapolis, if you are a minority and reside over on the Near Northside (between the boundary lines of Broadway St up to i think 38th St N) you are lible to see residents and dwellers within the community victimized by this type of treatment.

Last but not least then I will shut up lol. But as a teenager (a young dumb kid of 16) I remember this as it was yesterday. I had the hip hop fubu jersey on, an earing in my ear, and the usual clean cut like fade. So here I am walking along on Broadway and Freemont Av N, boom the po pos. Got questioned, in fact got hand-cuffed.....

NUFF SAID...Intellectual post and I shall return..


Trina said...

I believe it happens more often in certain neighborhoods. In the Washington DC area, I see it happens most often in minority neighborhoods, but I think that has more to do with economics than race, although I could be wrong.

Minority neighborhoods tend to have more "hang out" spots, more unemployed men to hang out in those spots and more shop owners unwilling to address the problem of loitering outside their establishments.

I also think there are some cultural issues in the mix, but that is another response for another question.