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Monday, July 2, 2007

Metro Stalker and Potential Rapist

This submission is from Courtney:

I was going to the Van Ness metro at 3:30 in the afternoon and I was going to take the elevator because I was carrying a lot of things. I only go in the elevator when the women out number the men (I know women can be harassers too, but not as much as men).

There were two women in the elevator, so I got in. Right as the doors were closing, these two guys ran in. I did not look at them until we were almost underground. When I did glance at one of them, he gave was just staring in this evil way and it scared me. When I was on the platform, I knew that he was following me so I kept walking to the end of the platform, just in case it was a coincidence. When I could go no further, I stopped. He stopped too, and picked up the phone that was about five feet from me. He talks on the phone, and he’s glaring at me the whole time as he talks on the phone and says: “Alright, I found some pussy.” Then he started
describing me to whoever was on the phone. I was so scared, I couldn’t move. He kept staring at me and said “Oh thank God I found some, ‘cause I just need to
fuck something!!” The train came and I ran down to another car, far away from him. He followed me. His friend was telling him to get in the car with him, but he pointed at me and said “No, I need to get in this one.” His friend got in the other car, but he still got in the same one as me. At the next stop, I got off and ran on the train that was going in the opposite direction. I was so scared, I thought he was going to rape me, but looking back on it, I’m just really mad that men can cause that kind of fear.

Thanks so much again! Its a great website.

When something like this happens, contact the authorities immediately! There are emergency phones lining the platform, as well as emergency buttons on the trains themselves. Draw attention to this man's behavior so he'd know he was in the wrong---and so others can see what's happening and step in to help as well. Don't ever let these idiots intimidate you in your public space!

Stay safe and be strong.


CHIC NOIR said...

This is truly sad. The fact that a man could go out of his way to harrass a woman in this manner is truly outragous. I wonder what men would have to say if women begain to arm and defend(violence) themselves against this type of harrasment and violence.

I notice whenever there is rapist lose who targets males, the media and men talk talk talk nonstop about geting that fool off of the streets. When these sickos do this to us people don't make a big deal about it.

Golden Silence said...

It upset me greatly that some man would be that insecure as to threaten a woman's livelihood. He doesn't even deserve the title of being called a "man"---what he did was inhuman.

I hope that the contributor of this story goes for help if this ever happens again---hoping it won't happen, though. I hope that any woman in this situation will run for help. A lot of times we women don't realize that there are options out there when it comes to regaining our freedom and safety.

I just hope that punk-ass fool never shows his face in public again. What he did was extremely horrible and pathetic.

Jeff Deutsch said...


What Golden Silence said!

Furthermore, I suggest in such a situation, you memorize as much as possible about his race, face, approximate height, likely weight and age, tone of voice, clothes, etc. (and if possible the same things about his friend) and then call the police. Give them a detailed account of his behavior, time and place and the above information.

Even if the cops don't catch him immediately, if they catch his friend the friend may lead them to him. Even if that doesn't happen at least the friend may warn him not to try that garbage anymore.


Jeff Deutsch