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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Humorous "Holla"

I found this on the previous site I linked. It's a MAD TV sketch where a guy does not leave a chick alone at the movies. As horrendous as dealing with street harassment is in real life, laughing at how ridiculous these men come off is a stress reliever. Though it's comic form, I'm glad that even the entertainment world is realizing how much of a problem this is.

The only thing I didn't like is the black harasser/white victim set-up (because of the stereotypes of the aggressive black male and the damsel-in-distress white female), but in real life whatever race the harasser and harassee are shouldn't matter. It's a pain in the ass to the receivers of it!

And much to my surprise, the actor playing the harasser is a woman. (I honestly didn't know until reading the posted comments.)

Embedding is disabled for this video, so here is the link.


CHIC NOIR said...

Golden there was an article in a newspaper about street ahrrsement. I'm sorry I forgot to link. I hope this issue gets major attention soon(lke Oprah). I think men need to know that this behavior is not acceptable.

Golden Silence said...

Do you mean this one? I was interviewed for it and this blog was mentioned as well. (That's a great thing because readership has jumped from 20 to 200 a day thanks to it.)

The article wasn't perfect (I don't think it got to the heart of the matter about street harassment not being only annoying, but potentially threatening and dangerous as well), but at least the message is starting to get out there loud and clear.

Phoenix_Sun said...

I read the article on the black interracial marriage blog. I can definitely empathize. I am also from the east coast. I live in New York City where street harassment is common as breathing especially for women of color. I wonder if this is an epidemic in certain areas of the United States such as east coast cities. When I went to San Francisco and Seattle, Washington I have to say I wasn't bothered but you can't place a mini vacation as a true measure on what the social climate in a city is really like.

CHIC NOIR said...

NO, it was in a New York newspaper I think.

CHIC NOIR said...

thats the link.

Golden Silence said...

The link in your original post got cut off. Here's the corrected link.

Thanks, CHIC NOIR!