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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fed Ex Delivers...Hollas

Previous contributor CC has another harassment story to tell:

Twice in one week! Guess that's the hazard of being a female in the DC area...

Today I was walking from the metro in Alexandria and getting ready to cross Washington Street at Oronoco. I was the only pedestrian. As I was waiting for the light to change, I hear an annoying male voice call out, "Hey beautiful!"

I turn around and, to my shock and anger, it is a man driving a Fedex Ground truck in uniform! This asshole thinks it's 1. okay to harass women, and 2. okay to harass women WHILE HE'S WORKING.

I gave him the finger.

"Yeah, fuck you too," he shouted back.

The light changed and I got home. The second I did I called the Fedex customer service line and reported the incident. The woman I spoke to was very apologetic and took down all the details and sent a complaint to his manager.

Fucking assholes. They piss me off to no end.


Kudos to CC for taking action. When you are on the clock the only thing you're supposed to worry about is doing your job, not hitting on women. I cannot count the number of times men in uniform (USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) have tried to holla at me while on the job.

I think Fed Ex needs to get it together. I was walking down Connecticut towards Farragut North Station one time, and this greasy-looking Fed Ex guy said, "Hey, sexy." I responded back with, "'Hey, sexy?' You need to leave me alone and do your daggone job! If you ever want to speak to me or another woman again, you will say 'hello, miss' or 'ma'am'. Got it?!" I didn't see his nametag (do they use them?) nor did I see his truck.

On another day, I was walking where New Hampshire sort of becomes a fork in the road somewhere (I believe I was heading towards Dupont Circle Station), and a Fed Ex employee is in his truck sitting at the light.

"Hey, girl, let me take you out sometime," he said.
Ugggggggh! This fool was old enough to be my dad!
"Fool," I said. "You need to go about your business and leave me alone!"
"You know you want know you want it!"
I tried to get closer so I could see the license plate, but the light changed and he drove off.

I was very angry that I couldn't take action, and heading towards the Metro I had seen at least two more Fed Ex trucks, wondering all the while if one of them was that punk.

Fed Ex, listen here. You need to really, really do a thorough interview to make sure you're not hiring harassers to represent you. The only thing we want from you is our packages to be delivered on time...not to have unwanted catcalls delivered our way!

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