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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Keep it in your pants, dude.

Cristina at Eckington DC Living sent this post about getting flashed (again!) by some idiot with too much time (and a limp dick) on his hands. Ugh...nasty!

He's apparently a sad loser with no self-esteem if he feels the need to do that. Gross.

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dcavocado said...

Yes, he is a loser! Thanks DBS, that made me feel better.

I realized I didn't describe the flashers in my post but it might be interesting to do so in this forum. I feel the majority of street harassers we hear about are loiterers, construction workers, etc.

If anyone was curious, the Adams Morgan flasher was a mid-20s, white guy...could be any guy you see hanging out in Adams Morgan. The Eckington flasher was also a white guy, probably late 40s, early 50s, a stereotypical dirty old man with a big gut. Ugghh...nasty!