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Monday, January 14, 2008

Where's Chris Hansen When You Need Him?

Just my luck. The other day the 30-Line buses were running as usual (i.e., never on time, clumped together, falling apart, raggedy, etc.) and there was some nasty old fool on it --- and he was talking to teenagers. Nasty.As.Hell. He had to have been in his 50s.

I was sitting in front of his row at first. This one girl had the displeasure of sitting next to him. (The bus was crowded and there was nowhere else to move.)

Man: "What school you go to?"
Girl: (She names school --- NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give out personal information to strangers, especially creepy ones!)
Man: "What grade you in?"
Girl: "Senior."
Man: "Really. You look young. . .you look like a sophomore."

I glanced back at them. I was going to make sure nothing went on. This was a funky situation.

He seemed to be leaving her alone, but then I hear the girl yelling:

Man: "What you say, girl?"
Girl: "I said 'STOP LOOKIN' AT ME!!!!!!'!"
Man: "I ain't tryin' to do nothin' to you."

I jumped in.

"Leave that girl alone!" I yelled. "No one wants your old ass talking to them! You should know better talking to a girl a fraction of your age!"
"I wasn't talkin' to you," he replied.
"I don't care!" I yelled. "When creepy old men try to talk to girls and women who don't want to be bothered with them it makes me sick!"

The woman in front of me jumped in. "Leave that man alone," she said. "Ignore him."
I can't sit there and ignore this creep hassling a teenager.

A seat freed up and the girl got away from that loser and reunited with her friend. She then pulled out chips and started to eat them. (I know, not legal on Metro, but that's not the point.)

"Ooh girl, gimme some chips," he said.
"Leave those girls alone, you old-ass fool!" I yelled. The girls laughed.
"Ain't doin' nothin," the man mumbled. "I ain't tryin' to do nothin' and someone always gotta say somethin'. . ."

The woman in front of me chastised me again. "Seriously, I'm warning you. Leave.Him.Alone. He gets violent."

At "he gets violent" I then kept my mouth shut. As soon as that woman got off the bus, I moved in her previous seat.

I thought everything would be calm for the rest of the ride, but a group of teenage girls in soccer uniforms boarded the bus. The old coot found new targets.

"You just gettin' out a game?" he asked.
"Yes," they all answered in unison. Why these girls feel the need to respond to this loser is beyond me.

A stop or two later he finally gets off the bus. You know he's a problem passenger when the other passengers applaud his exit.

"Thank god he's off the bus," I said.
"I know," the woman next to me said.
"Targeting teenagers!" I said.
"He was on the bus since Pennsylvania Ave and acted like that the whole time," the woman replied. (We were in upper NW at the time, so that's too long to deal with idiot behavior.)

That loser should've been kicked off the bus much earlier. It sends a nervous feeling up my spine that he's sitting there trying to "holla" at teenage girls. He thought this behavior was normal! Typical pedophile. And I cannot get over the fact that these girls felt the need to talk to him. Never give out personal information, ever!

I hope he's banned from riding the bus in the future. Make his ass walk from Pennsylvania Ave. to upper NW.

1 comment:

Wisp said...

So many girls are taught that they should be grateful for the attention that men pay to them, any men, of any age.

It makes teenaged girls feel sophisticated or grown-up to have a grown man talking to them. It isn't until they're grown themselves that they realize how weird and gross it is for a grown man to want to talk to a 16 year old.

I'm glad you said something. Right on.