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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Post-Anti-Street Harassment Rally Harassment

Here's a submission from Alexandra:

Dear Golden Silence,

Thank you so much for creating this blog and creating a forum for people to vent their frustrations about this issue. My story is kind of ironic because my friend and I had just got back from an Anti-Street Harassment rally hosted by Empower DC. We were in Chinatown and three guys started yelling "Hey baby" and "Come here" at us from across the street. When my friend and I ignored them they started shouting the usual "Oh you think you're too good for me" and crossed right in the middle of the street and started following us. We yelled back at them to "leave us alone" and "would you talk to your mother or sister like that?" Luckily some guys intervened and stopped them but just to be safe we decided to walk a couple of blocks out of our way. I was so angry I had gone from feeling in empowered by the rally to being really pissed, scared and upset. Again thank you again for your blog.

It sucks to feel so empowered, feeling like you can put an end to street harassment, just for some punks to ruin that mood. I'm glad you two stood up for yourselves, and also glad that there are guys out there who realize that this is not the way for men to act and who stepped in.

I wish there were a way to put a mirror in front of these men, tape them, just show them how pathetic they look and sound when they act like this. Harassers, ask yourselves: What do you truly expect to gain from this?

As for the high you felt from leaving that rally, don't lose it. Keep positive that one day street harassment will come to an end.

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