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Friday, May 25, 2007

Can't I enjoy the weather and my smoothie in peace?

I got out of work early to get a start on the three-day weekend and took the time to enjoy the weather. When I got closer to home I grabbed a smoothie and enjoyed the cool refreshment. My peace was ruined when some fool started making kissing noises out of his car at me. For all the times I've been harassed by men on the street armed only with my crappy camera phone, I was glad that I had my real camera on me (I was using it to take photos of sights earlier). I pull it out.

"Wanna take a picture of me baby?" he asks.
I normally curse these fools out, but I opted for a different tact.
"Sure!" I said, in the most hokey and sarcastically saccharine tone.

The guy poses, I zoom in, get the shot and success.

"Be careful with that camera baby!" he says. The light changes and he drives off.

Naw,'re the one who needs to be more careful when it comes to who you try to "holla" at.

Another clown was trying to "holla" at me from his van ("Yo, shorty!") but I didn't have the time or energy to get a shot of him. His vehicle was still in motion anyway. I just wanted to enjoy my smoothie and go home.

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