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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Homeless "Holla"

Note: Homelessness is a huge issue in DC, one which I don't take lightly. Please realize that not all homeless people act like the fool I'm about to profile.

The above-pictured man was sitting on a Georgetown street bumming money from men who walked by, but catcalled at women who walked by. If a woman didn't respond to his catcalling in kind, he would call them a "monkey." He may have mental issues, but he knew good and damn well what he was doing when he was bothering women on the streets. There's no excuse for that behavior.

Once again, please realize that not all homeless people are like this. Don't let this loser ruin your view towards them.



Well. I have had my brush in with the homeless. I live in New York, so you could just imagine. I plan on doing an amusing post about it in the future. To make a long story short. I tried to give a bumb some food that I didn't even touch, and this ignant fool through the shit back at me. It was funny as hell, but I was tight at the time

mmafan said...

GS..There are a few homeless I come across in Rosslyn where I work and in DC. A couple of people are nice, and I help them when I can and we talk. They are respectful and appreciative. Even when I can't help, they are still friendly.

On the same token, I have encountered a few in Silver Spring. They get in your face and ask for money like they are entitled to it and then act pissy when you decline. It's people like this who give the homeless a bad reputation.