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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fighting Back

Reader Kate tells her story where the good guys almost won the battle:

Last night a big group of us were in Recessions, a hotel bar on L St. between 18th and 19th NW. We were sitting at a table against a wall, and there was this older guy standing really close to our table, all alone, and he kept giving us looks. You know those looks. It was making all of us extremely uncomfortable. My instinct was to move to another chair and ignore it, but one of the girls with us did something I was really impressed by, and was not something I (or most women) would ever even think of doing: she told a bouncer. Those guys took it seriously, and 3 big guys came and kicked the leering jerk out. Awesome. The irony, though is one of the guys who kicked him out had made a creepy advance on another one of my friends earlier in the night...

It would've been the perfect victory had one of the bouncers not tried to make moves on one of the friends. Negative aside, I'm glad Kate's friend took action and that that old coot was kicked out of the place. Well done.

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