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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The further I am away from you, the less interested I am in you losers.

The same group of loitering losers that I featured in a recent submission were back to their old tricks.

I was coming home from my martial arts class, walking home from the train station, when that group of men (plus a few more) who like to loiter around a bus stop (they are not waiting for the bus...I've seen a bus pass them once, and that's the only bus that services that stop) were trying to catcall me.

I heard "hey, baby!" too many times for my taste. Instead of responding to these idiots, I took another tact---I ignored them.

"Hey, baby!" turned into "psst-psst," kissing noises, and other sorts of noise. And the further I walked past these clowns, the louder they got.


Clowns, please note. Making noise and calling a woman "baby" and "sexy" is not going to get her's going to make her less interested.

I hummed to myself to tune them out...and the pleasant surprise of a truck blasting Anita Baker's "Sweet Love" "Same Ole Love" (I'm a horrible Anita Baker fan...I should've known better!) made my day. It was the perfect ending to dealing with street harassing fools...a much needed diversion.

Those men hang out there too frequently, and I want to put up signs or something to attract attention to that. A woman should be able to walk home without dealing with losers. This neighborhood is too nice for buffoons like them to ruin it.

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