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Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Holla" By Bike

Here is CC's story of some fool bothering her:

I was walking to the Braddock Road metro this morning when some old dude with white hair on a bike comes rolling up on the sidewalk. (Side note: bikers on the sidewalk are ANOTHER of my pet peeves, but that's not the point of this story.) I am the only person walking on the sidewalk.

"Hello there," he said, and I watch his eyes lower to my breasts. His face breaks out in a huge grin.

"FUCK YOU!" I shouted at him. It seemed to surprise him, because in his haste to get the hell away from me, he stumbled a bit on his bike.

Stupid asshole.

Thanks for your blog and your contribution to the fight to end street harassment,

You're welcome, CC!

He wouldn't have stumbled had he kept his eyes on the road and not on some innocent woman's chest. That fool deserved to be embarrassed.

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I try not to encourage foul language, but 'BIG UP, CC!"

I once gave the finger to a pick up truck filled with Latin guys. It was a hot day and I was heading home after a long day of classes and work. They were hollering "ola mami" "ay ay ay"

I couldn't help it, was a bit embarrassed actually but I had to do it...