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Friday, June 22, 2007

I was originally NOT going to allow this comment...

I saw this comment awaiting moderation from Michael in response to my post on the harassment I dealt with in NYC. I originally was not going to publish it because I thought it was ignorant, tacky and hateful, but I thought here's the opportunity for a new feature:

you just sound like an angry-ass bee-atch. I hope you get harassed until youz too ug-lay.

Thanks, Michael. I kept your illiterate and illegible comment intact. Thanks for showing how much of a cowardly loser you are. From this point on, any comments that have no thought or no intelligence put into them will be featured as "Hateful Loser of the Month." Once again, thanks Michael for your inspiration!


1 comment:

Manchild said...

Hello Golden Silence,

As a man, I apologize to you for Michael's comment. Some people still don't get it. His poor choice of words says more about him than he realizes.

As a sign of respect, I tip my hat to you. Women deserve all the respect we, as men, can give if we truly love you and need you to survive.

Peace be with you,