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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Catcalling on the Radio

Liz sent me the link to a call-in radio show, Kane at Hot 99.5. They did one on street harassment.

Click on this link, then scroll down to 6/26---Meow, Hey Mami (yeah, I know the title's extremely lame) to listen to it.

ETA: Listening to it doesn't seem like the people on the show seem to get it or care. Street harassment to them is a laughing matter to them---trust me, it is not funny at all.


lizzie said...

yup. the dj totally treated it like it was no big deal. but then again, he's a guy.

the latina girl who mentioned it was a cultural thing...i think she has a point. being brown myself, i faced this kind of harassment from other brown people as soon as i got boobs (which unfortunately for me, was pretty early in my life). i could definitely relate to the 15 year old caller who was getting hit on by the old man in a truck at a stop light.

i'm going to throw something out there. for some reason, some guys think this behavior is perfectly acceptable. and i think that it's because some women actually respond positively to the catcalls and such. if these guys who constantly harass women on the street never got any attention, or a girl's number, or whatever, would they still do it?

Golden Silence said...

I doubt it'll change like that. These men really aren't doing it because they're looking to hook up or get dates. They do this because they need a way to feel dominant and make others feel weak. Harassing women on the street is the way these men sadly get their thrills.

These low self-esteem having men need to really check themselves and work on bettering themselves, and stop intimdiating us on the streets to make themselves feel good.