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Friday, June 8, 2007

Racist Welcome to the USA

I am reaching out to non-DC readers as well, and here is a submission from Amy about dealing with some racist fool on the street:

Hey, I just found your blog, and I must say I LOVE it! My friends and I are thinking of starting a group blog, and if we do, you'll definitely be on our
blogroll, if that's okay with you! (I'll let you know before we actually do

Now, I don't live in DC, but I thought I'd share with you an experience some of
my friends and I had in case you want to post it on your blog.

This particular incident happened about two months ago, when a friend of mine
from South Korea was in town. Me, her and two other friends had just left a club
and were on our way home when some drunk-ass white guy came up to me and my
Korean friend and leered disgustingly at her (which happened all too often to
her while she was here). He then blocked our path and said, "Japanese, eh?" I
put my arm around her and snapped rather uselessly, "She's not Japanese," and
tried to walk around him. As we walked by, Asshole said "I've never had an Asian
before." Suddenly, from behind us, my friend Katie (not her real name) yelled,
"And with that attitude, you never will!!!" Well, Asshole of the Month then
turned around and looked at Katie, who could be best described as short, cute
and plump, and snapped something about her being "pregnant with swollen ankles,"
and started walking away, but Katie screamed at his back, "YES, yes I AM
pregnant, and thank GOD you're not the father!!!" He pretended not to hear, although he was clearly still within hearing range.

Here's hoping that he hasn't been able to get it up since that little exchange!
(That is, if he ever could...)

I am glad that Amy and her friends stood up to this loser. His method was obviously not the proper way to welcome a foreign visitor to the States. And then to stoop low to insult another one of the friends...these men never cease to amaze me with their loser ways. I never understood why these men feel that being insulting is the way to get a woman's attention. It does get our attention---negative attention.

And Amy, feel free to add "Don't Be Silent" to your blogroll! I appreciate any method of getting the word out!

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