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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Si has an update to her previous submission:

Congrats! [regarding mention in Washington City Paper]

Oh oh this is tooo funny (and gross).

Okay...a couple days ago I was walking up 19th by Dupont sipping my coffee, zoning out to NPR. I glance over to a parked car (black BMW) because the occupant was a very large beefy man in a white tank top that really contrasted with his very dark skin. As I walked by I did a double-take because he was splayed out in the front seat, windows all open, staring me down & er...pleasuring himself slowly. Showing it all. My reaction was a combination of EW!, WTF??!!, and a lot of chuckling as I kept walking. I bumped into my father-in-law across the street and warned him to look away.

P.S. The "Jugs of Joy" group are now polite when I go by!

While I'm sorry you had to look at that mess on a nice walk, I'm glad the men from your previous story are leaving you alone. It just shows that speaking up and taking action does wonders.

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