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Monday, June 25, 2007

Foulmouthed at Friday's

Here's one from the inbox:

I just finished reading the City Paper article and all I can say is you go girl! I've had bottles thrown at me, been chased, called an untold amount of dirty names and just been verbally and physically harassed in the streets of DC since I was 13 years old.

I was at the TGI Friday's on Penn Ave last year sitting at the bar chatting with my friend who was working as a bartender there at the time. These two guys came in and sat next to me. Now, I usually say hello to anyone that sits next to me, but they were loud and cursing bitch this and bitch that, so I turned away from them and made it a point to never turn back. One of them gets up and walks all the way around the bar and sits on the other side of me. At the time I didn't realize it was one of them because I made a point to not look at them and give them any idea of speaking to me. He sits next to me and says hello, just like a sane person. I responded with hello. Within 1 minute, the conversation took a nosedive into "when was the last time someone ate your pussy?" I made eye contact with the security guard, a female, and she walked over and told him if he couldn't respect the patrons, he would have to leave. Of course, she and I got called every kind of bitch in the book and I thought for a minute she would have to call back-up, but his friend came over and pulled him away from us and they left.

I think many men don't understand that we're not against them speaking, as long as they are courteous and back off when we clearly want them to. I've met some great guys that have just walked up to me and said hi. If a man is courteous, he will get a courteous response from me. I'm not interested in a relationship. No, I'm not married, I don't have a boy/girlfriend, I'm not bitter and I shouldn't have to explain why I'm not interested to any man. I should just have to make it known that I'm not interested and that should be enough for any reasonable man to accept.

I don't think I'm better than anyone out there, I'm not waiting for Richie Rich or Studly Stud, I just want to be able to go about my life and be left alone sometimes. Don't take it personal when I don't respond to you. Don't assume that you are important to me at all. You aren't. When I'm stand-offish, I want to be left alone and it most likely has absolutely nothing to do with you.

That said, sadly, women that have hit one me are sometimes just as bad as the guys are.

Keep up the great work! I'll be a regular reader from now on. I used to have a blog on blogspot, but like so many things in my life, it fell by the wayside.

Sign me,
Female enduring depressing upsetting propositions

Thanks for the story FED UP! Not only am I glad someone stepped in to intervene in her story, but that it was a woman at that. We are told to have each others' backs as sisters, but oftentimes women turn the other cheek to other women. We have to support each other and be strong in the face of harassment. And also, I am glad that the guy's friend realize that talking to a woman like that is not cool and got his friend out of there. Well done.

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beautyinbaltimore said...

"That said, sadly, women that have hit one me are sometimes just as bad as the guys are"

I stand corrected.